Maven Label

Maven Label are a fantastic demi-couture fashion brand handmade by the beautiful Ghazal in West End, Brisbane. Ghazal’s designs are so carefully considered to be inclusive of all sizes, waste free and give back in every purchase.

Each piece and collection is so carefully considered, every collection has a unique meaning using artful and bold silhouettes with innovative fabrics.

The Underwater World Collection radiates a sense of quiet cool confidence and strength reflective through innovation in cut and design and embellished textiles, to the storytelling of each collection; resulting in a luxurious yet easy to wear approach.

The Australia Collection balances four elements romantic and strong, classic and futurist at the same time. Each garment has a subtle street sensibility in its tailored relaxed cuts, raw accents, and classically inspired finishes, for a released undone quality to the clothes using Australian made fabrics.

The Vegan Collection was created sourcing raw plant-based materials and considering Mother Nature in production.

Why we love Maven Label

  • The collections by Maven Label each have their own unique vision and positive impact from vegan materials in the Vegan Collection to 20% of purchases from the peace collection to Afghan women who have been affected by the country's internal conflict.
  • We love the designs! Not only are they completely waste free but they are far more inclusive than the average garment that only suits one size.
  • By catering for size 6-18 in also one piece also reduces a common issue with landfill for uncommon sizes and increases product longevity too!
  • Ghazal has an extraordinary talent – she actually hand stitches each garment herself!

Hello Good World Rating : Silver

Demonstrated a high level of problem solving and outcomes to their mission whilst providing a well-rounded solution. Silver companies demonstrate patterns to continually increase their impact or better their business practises and are recognised of having a high likelihood of reaching gold status within 24 months. Aligned with at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What they are working on next

Australia is known by the world as the home of ethical fashion, but we think there is still work to do with adding measures for holistic positive impact and giving back. We’re looking forward to the likes of Ghazel and Maven Label paving the way for women and children through their various initiatives as they grow and scale their business.