Ma-ha-la ਮਾਹਲਾ महला
position or chapter in time, in Punjabi ;
a neighborhood, a house, a chateau in Hindi ;
For us, it's a place to unite with sisters, to pause at this moment and create a powerful sisterhood
Mahala is dedicated to supporting other South Asian women in business to amplify and promote their unique products by thoughtfully curating gift boxes.
Mahala create equitable opportunities for the South Asian women and allies. Not only are the gifts made by artisans of South Asian descent but Mahala is also a social enterprise where 50% of profits support the Australian South Asian Centre.
They believe change doesn’t happen by itself and hope to accelerate the pace so that South Asian women take up more space in arts, culture and as founders.

Why we love Mahala Gift Boxes

  • Well to start, their boxes are a great gift for a friend or family member that is socially conscious!
  • Each box is helping not one, but 5-7 small business owners.
  • Their projects are creating a genuinely equitable solution to issues faced by the South Asian community.
  • They increase opportunities for women and allies to specifically combat gender inequalities.
  • They give back 50% of their profits to the Australian South Asian Centre.

Hello Good World Rating : Bronze

Demonstrated a good level of problem solving and outcomes to their mission or for a cause. Bronze companies demonstrate patterns to increase their impact or better their business practices. Aligned with at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What they are working on next

We love Mahala and everything they stand for! As a brand new business, we can’t wait until they can demonstrate the positive impact their boxes have made on the South Asian community and expect them to move from Bronze to Silver soon.