The Kind Karma mission is to break the cycle of poverty by enabling vulnerable members of the next generation reach their full potential so they can continue to pay kindness forward.

Kind Karma is a social enterprise that employs at-risk and homeless youth in Toronto to handcraft fine jewellery. In addition to fair hourly wages, proceeds from sales are returned to youth to support their individual goals such as funding education, housing or courses.

By offering an innovative, art therapy based employment model, youth who have unique challenges that stem from childhood trauma and sometimes abuse, are able to maintain employment so they can reach the financial independence they need to achieve freedom from poverty and reach any personal aspirations they set for themselves. We are addressing and solving homelessness and poverty from the root cause instead of offering a post-occurrence remedy.

Country of Origin : Canada
Please be advised that products from Kind Karma Co are coming direct from their social enterprise in Canada so shipping times may be longer than usual.

Why we love Kind Karma Co

  • Not only is Kind Karma providing meaningful employment to break the cycle for at-risk youth but through the practise of making jewellery, they are using their trade as art therapy to for their teams health and wellbeing.
  • The Kind Karma model is a proven strategy to help not only make a living but help each individual find the support they need – from education to mentorship, housing and resources.
  • In Canada, reports indicate that 80% of youth leave home because of family conflict and 63% report childhood trauma and abuse. Kind Karma are able to provide long term employment so each person can reach the financial independence they need to achieve freedom from poverty and reach their personal aspirations too.
  • We love the Kind Karma Mentors program where we connect youth with professionals in our community who have volunteered their time to offer personal advice and guidance in areas that youth have expressed an interest in.
  • They even have a collection of rings made from recycled materials – amazing!

Hello Good World Rating : Gold

Demonstrated the highest level of problem solving and outcomes to a social, cultural or environmental issue whilst proving strong ethics and holistic sustainability. Aligned with at least three of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What they are working on next

We look forward to Kind Karma Co would love to expand our business and open additional offices in major cities across Canada to help more youth.

Be Present Bracelet

Kind Karma Company


Eminet's Anklet

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Evil Eye Necklace

Kind Karma Company


Goddess Necklace

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Linked Bracelet

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Linked Necklace

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Opal Sunburst Necklace

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Evil Eye Crystal Bracelet

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Moonstone Solitaire Ring

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Live in Colour Bracelets
Live in Colour Bracelets

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