Pebble Child: Empowering Women, Creating Smiles Worldwide

Pebble Child, brought to life by Hathay Bunano, is a heartwarming tale of compassion, creativity, and empowerment. This Bangladeshi initiative has set out to make a difference, one handmade toy at a time. The story begins in 2004 when Samantha Morshed founded Hathay Bunano, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing fairly paid, flexible, and local employment opportunities for rural women facing poverty and adversity.

Pebble Child's journey is a heartwarming testament to the power of entrepreneurship, community, and compassion. With each purchase of a Pebble product, you're not just acquiring a beautiful toy; you're joining a global movement that supports rural women, empowers families, and makes our world a little brighter.

Why we love Pebble

  • Pebble empowers and uplifts rural women in Bangladesh, providing them with dignified employment.
  • Their toys are lovingly handmade, adhering to fair trade principles and often using organic materials.
  • Utilizing their charity, Hathay Bunano, they create products to sell under the brand Pebble, offering a meaningful way to reduce resource-dependent livelihoods and contribute to a greener planet.
  • Pebble has a strong focus on supporting children's education, opening doors to a brighter future.
  • They hold the prestigious World Fair Trade Organization Certification, ensuring ethical practices and fairness in every aspect of their operation.

Hello Good World Rating : Silver

Demonstrated a high level of problem solving and outcomes to their mission whilst providing a well-rounded solution. Silver companies demonstrate patterns to continually increase their impact or better their business practises and are recognised of having a high likelihood of reaching gold status within 24 months. Aligned with at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What they are working on next

In December 2021, Pebble Child reached a milestone by establishing its own warehouse in Malton, UK. This move signifies their dedication to customer satisfaction and their commitment to growing the brand while maintaining a focus on ethical and sustainable practices. With a permanent warehouse now in place as of September 2023, Pebble Child is poised for its next chapter of impact and growth.