This is Yumm

YUMM! use delicious chocolate as a vehicle to help facilitate and fund an important change for mental health and wellbeing. They are committed to providing young Australians with the tools and resources needed to be their best.

Created by a team of young doctors who saw the need for improved primary-intervention methods to combat the onset of mental health disorders in 18-35-year old’s, each chocolate is individually wrapped in a positive affirmation and QR code to reach free mental health tools and resources.

Why we love This is Yumm

  • We love that Yumm! are committed to one cause - the “master of one” SDG focus can be just as mighty, if not more impactful than the ‘man of many’.
  • Keeping the social impact inside the business allows the ability to regenerate and reinvest in their mission.
  • It’s great to see companies integrate these chocolates as a tool to create a positive company culture.
  • Their team of 6 health professionals have created a go-to source of information to help you get access to medically-sound advice.
  • Their products are pretty tasty too!

Hello Good World Rating : Silver

Demonstrated a high level of problem solving and outcomes to their mission whilst providing a well-rounded solution. Silver companies demonstrate patterns to continually increase their impact or better their business practises and are recognised of having a high likelihood of reaching gold status within 24 months. Aligned with at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What they are working on next

We can’t wait to see the ongoing resources available on the Yumm Platform. We particularly like the videos!