Soul City Roasters, a brand with a heartfelt mission, is a beacon of sustainable and socio-cultural impact in the coffee industry. Among their specialty coffee, is a strong commitment to positively influence the lives of refugees seeking refuge in Australia.

Soul City Roasters' are a consciously created coffee business making people-first decisions that are meticulously crafted to embody sustainability at every level.

With an ethos of making a difference, the brand's focus extends beyond just delivering exceptional coffee; it champions socio-cultural sustainability by supporting farmers and communities, embodying ethical purchasing behaviour and actively contributing to initiatives like The Welcoming Centre.

Why we love Soul City Roasters

  • Soul City is dedicated to creating a ripple effect of positive change. By choosing to buy specialty coffee directly from farms, the brand aims to break the poverty cycle often prevalent in coffee-growing nations
  • They do not compromise on quality! The ensure the integrity and quality of the final product.
  • They donate a significant portion of their profits to The Welcoming Centre, an organization in Adelaide that supports refugees.
  • Through transparent sourcing practices, biodegradable and reusable packaging options, and a mission-driven approach, Soul City Roasters
  • With its unwavering dedication, Soul City Roasters exemplifies how a single brand can transcend the realm of coffee to create a meaningful and lasting social impact.

Hello Good World Rating : Gold

Demonstrated the highest level of problem solving and outcomes to a social, cultural or environmental issue whilst proving strong ethics and holistic sustainability. Aligned with at least three of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What's next for Soul City Roasters?

This coffee company is dedicated to educating consumers about the power of conscious buying, fostering a community of change-makers who understand the profound impact their choices can have on someone else's life.

Laclo, Timor - Leste

Soul City Roasters


Espigao, Brazil

Soul City Roasters


La Esmeralda, Colombia

Soul City Roasters


Cordillera Decaf, Colombia

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KAHAWA blend

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House of Soul Blend

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