Eco and Ethical Feminine Products Devoted to Prioritising Women's Health

Myoni are helping women find their freedom in connecting to their period cycles in a shame-free and transparent manner. Our customers align with high values of reduced waste, low toxic and all-around healthier choices that Myoni provide - whilst being Australian-made too!

Myoni is a profit for purpose business, established as a social enterprise with regular donations to charity partners fighting period poverty and a commitment to donating 50% profit.

Why we love Myoni

  • They have made over 100 donations to their partner charity, Share the Dignity on their journey so far.
  • By Sept 2021 they have diverted approximately 86,400+ disposable period products from landfill to date.
  • Not only are the disposable options terrible for the environment, there are hundreds upon hundreds of studies how these inferior products are hugely affecting women's health such as Toxic Shock Syndrome from the absorption of nasty chemical compounds.
  • Myoni aims to reduce shame for women across all cultures, shifting the current paradigm around periods.
  • And if that wasn't enough, they have delivered period positivity education to 300+ people!

Hello Good World Rating : Silver

Demonstrated a high level of problem solving and outcomes to their mission whilst providing a well-rounded solution. Silver companies demonstrate patterns to continually increase their impact or better their business practises and are recognised of having a high likelihood of reaching gold status within 24 months. Aligned with at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What they are working on next

We just can't wait to see Myoni have the ability to bring their education elements to life through more workshops and increase their impact. They are truly sensational and we expect to see them hit gold very soon!