Flow Vessel

Flow Vessel is a beautifully styled, universally designed, reusable water bottle. They are deeply connected with their mission by designing their products for disability, and have created a product that is accessible for everyone!

They donate 100% of profits to empower people with disabilities through their Not for profit arm Care Collective.

Why we love Flow Vessel

  • Their products have been universally designed to suit all disabilities.
  • They not only are powered by purpose but are friendly to the environment, reducing the amount of disposable plastic water bottles reaching our waste and waterways.
  • They are proudly ISO 14001 Certified – a family of standards related to positive environmental management.
  • They’ve made some amazing headway reaching $30k crowd funding goals.
  • 100% of profits goes towards Care Collective- an independent community for people with disability seeking supports. This Aussie social enterprise is co-designed with people with disabilities.

Hello Good World Rating : Gold

Demonstrated the highest level of problem solving and outcomes to a social, cultural or environmental issue whilst proving strong ethics and holistic sustainability. Aligned with at least three of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What they are working on next

Care Collective is looking to become a registered charity and Flow Vessel are continuing to champion for those with disabilities for a more accessible future. Keep up the amazing work!

Flow Vessel Mini Duo

Flow Vessel


Flow Vessel Mini Trio

Flow Vessel


Flow Vessel Mini

Flow Vessel


Flow Vessel Duo

Flow Vessel