Texcoco Collective

Texcoco Collective is a luxury fashion accessory brand committed to eco-conscious design, environmental conservation, and thoughtful consumption. Founded to be a voice for sustainable thinking and to share unique, high-quality designs with the ethos of nurturing the earth. 

Texcoco offers a range of high quality, beautiful handmade vegan leather handbags and wallets, crafted from cactus leather by Mexican artisans.

Why we love Texcoco Collective

  • We love their really high quality cactus leather products especially the gorgeous green collection 
  • Their vegan cactus leather is highly sustainable compared to traditional leather - zero animals are killed for their skin and far less solid waste and water used in production too!
  • As a result of using this progressive leather material there is no eutrophication or excess methane or nitrous oxide from raising cattle for their hide
  • For Texcoco Collective, it is just as much about raising awareness about sustainable fashion as it is about the product. By purchasing items, you are contributing to their ongoing educational projects and panel discussions.
  • While it’s not their core problem-to-solution fit, their products are providing a secondary focus on providing employment overseas and also give back to one tree planted too!

Hello Good World Rating : Bronze

Demonstrated a good level of problem solving and outcomes to their mission or for a cause. Bronze companies demonstrate patterns to increase their impact or better their business practices. Aligned with at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What they are working on next

Expect to see Texcoco grow their social impact as they work with different makers and expand their collection. We particularly look forward to seeing the work of women that have been empowered with employment after fleeing volatile domestic violence situations.